Marcus: Chapter 2

He goes to Kapernaoum again for a few days. They hear that he is in a house, and so many gather that there is no room, even in the door. He speaks to them the Idea.

There is borne to him a paralyzed [person], carried by four. Unable to get to him through the crowd, they uncover the roof where he is. They dismantle it, and they lower the mat the paralytic is lying on. Yoshua, seeing their trust, says to the paralytic — Kid, [you are] acquitted of your failures.

There are some scholars sitting there, assessing him in their hearts — Why does this one speak thus? He blasphemes: who can acquit of failure but the one God?

Then Yoshua perceives in his æther that they are thus assessing [him].

— Why do you assess these things in your hearts? What is easier, to say to a paralytic, ‘Your failures are acquitted,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’? So that you see that the Human one has authority on the earth to acquit of failures — he says to the paralytic — To you I say ‘Get up, take your mat and go to your house.’ Then he gets up, picks up his mat, and leaves in front of everyone. All are unsettled. They acknowledge God —Never have we seen thus!

He goes out again by the lake. All the crowd comes to him, and he teaches them. As he goes, he sees Levi [son] of Alphaios sitting in the tax office, and says to him — Follow me. He rises and follows him.

When he reclines [to dine] in his house, many tax farmers and [moral] failures recline with Yoshua and his students — they being many — and they follow him. The scholars of the Separatist [party] see that he dines with failures and tax farmers. They say to his students — Why does he dine with tax farmers and failures?

Yoshua hears and says to them — [It is] not the healthy [who] need a physician, but the ill. I come not to call the successful, but the failures.

[Once] the students of Yohanan and the Separatists are detoxifying. They come to him and say to him — Why do Yohanan’s students and the Separatists detoxify, but your students do not?

Yoshua says to them — Can the groomsmen detoxify while the groom is with them? In the time the groom has with them, they cannot detoxify. But the days are coming when the groom will be taken away from them, and they will detoxify in that day.

—No one sews an unfulled patch on an old cloak; the new repair [would] separate from the old, and the tear become worse. No one pours new wine into old skins: the wine [would] burst the skin and both the wine and skin be ruined.

New wine in new skins.

[There] comes a Shabbat when he and his students are walking across farmland. On the way his students begin gathering ears of grain. The Separatists say to him — Do you see what they are doing on Shabbat which is not permitted?

He says to them — Did you never learn what Dawid did when he had a need, and was hungry, and those with him? How he went in to the house of God, to Avi-Athar the archpriest, and ate the ritual bread, which is not permitted to be eaten except by the priests, and gave [it] also to those who were with him?

Shabbat came about for humans, not humans for Shabbat. So the Human One is the master of Shabbat.

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