A personal letter to the bishop of Kolossai

[812 AUC, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Cossus Cornelius Lentulus, Consuls]

Dear Philemon our colleague, Sister Apfia, Archippos our comrade-in-arms, and the assembly at your house,

Favor and peace to you from God our father and Master Yoshua the Chosen one.

I always thank God when I remember you when I pray. I hear [about] your affection and trust toward the Master Yoshua and all the devotees, and how effective your trusted association is becoming, and [I] recognize all the good in us in the Chosen one. I take so much joy and comfort in your affection, because the devotees have been refreshed to the core through you, brother.

Look, I could speak very frankly, in the Chosen one, and order you to step up, but I ask more out of affection, just old Paulus, now a captive of the Chosen Yoshua. I’m begging you about my boy, Onesimos, who I fathered in prison, who was of no benefit to you before, but now is of benefit to [both] you and me. I am sending him up to you himself, this is my core concern, when I want to keep [him] to myself, but for your sake he can serve me, in prison for the welcome message. I do not want to do [this] without your knowledge, so that your goodness is not forced, but of your own free will.

Maybe he left for a while so you could have him for the Aeon. Now, not like a slave, but better than a slave, your only brother. As much as he [means] to me, how much more to you, both by blood and in the Master?

So if I am your associate, accept him as you would [accept] me, but if he has wronged you, or owes [you], charge that to me.


I will not mention that you still owe me yourself. Yes, brother, give me satisfaction in the Master, let me rest easy in the Chosen one. Confident of your willingness, I write to you, knowing that you will do more than I say. Meanwhile, prepare to host me, because I hope by your prayers to be released to you.

Epafras, my fellow prisoner, greets you in the Chosen Yoshua, [and] Marcus, Aristarchos, Demas, and Loukas, my colleagues.

The favor of the Master Yoshua, the Chosen one, [be in] your aether.

Paulus, captive of [the] Chosen Yoshua

/Brother Timotheos